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Should one attempt to determine whether reading the houses based on Sun or Rising sign is more accurate? Or is it generally accepted that the rising sign is the way to do it?

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Should I just stick with Libra rising? Reading it relative to the rising sign is definitely more highly recommended, as long as you are pretty certain about your birth time. The delineation relative to your Sun sign may still be somewhat relevant in terms of the aspects the planets make to your Sun-sign, but our delineations focus heavily on the houses, which are mean to be measured out from the rising sign. As a Leo rising I found that to be more accurate than for my sun sign of Taurus.

Great format. I really liked the way these are presented. I think having both voices adds richer perspective. Good work! Hi Chris and Leisa—I really like this format. It is a great idea and you have created a beautiful way to put it out to the internet audience. I have Virgo rising and your description of the monthly transit helped me to get perspective on the various houses that will be affected this month.

I have a night chart so the Moon is my sect light.

Rising Sign Calculator: How To Figure Out My Ascendant

My natal Moon is in Capricorn. I have a question. If I pay attention to the Capricorn rising video because my sect light is in Capricorn, how do you sort out the delineations between the two delineations. Thanks, Bryan. I would focus more on the houses when reading it relative to the rising sign, whereas if you are looking at it from the perspective of your Sun-sign then the aspects that the planets make to that sign would be relevant that month, especially from a sign-based perspective.

Chris… nice format for the Monthly Rising Sign! Hope all is well. I enjoyed the Ascendant focus immensely. For this Leo rising in profected 8th house year with natal Jupiter in Pisces as lord of not only natal Ascendant but also natal Taurus Moon and MC. Solar return chart has Scorpio rising with a Jupiter-Mars conjunction in the 1st house of the solar return chart. What has happened?

Jupiter expands what it touches—in this case, it would appear, the physical body. Awesome, thanks! Another way of asking this is what really is the affect of transits to these two charts? How profound compared the the natal?

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November 2, at pm. Chris Brennan says.

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Raha says. November 8, at am. November 15, at pm. Sigrid Jenkins says. November 4, at am. Konnie Schiller says. Bryan Stuppy says. Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one.

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Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Gemini Ascendant Traits - Gemini Ascendant Life for Gemini native is a series of adventures and opportunities to learn. There is a strong but underlying curiosity in people of Gemini Ascendant. So you now know why your Gemini friend asks endless questions.

This hunger for knowledge is also there in those with Sagittarius in Ascendant, but there is a major difference. While Sagittarius seek to broaden their horizon, Gemini acquire knowledge to move about efficiently within their social sphere. They may be well versed in many subjects but their knowledge is often superficial. Are you a Gemini Ascendant? Find it out easily here! Year Popular Services.