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They desire a simple, organized life with a handful of people they know and love What more could a man ask for?

Taurus Man: Characteristics and Personality Traits of Taurus Men

In all seriousness, KISS keep it simple, stupid. If you can do that, he'll be a happy, happy man. And speaking of happy man, despite a few of his little quirks, he really knows how to be loyal. In other words, you're his best friend. His confidante. His everything. And he's totally worth every minute.

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Because Taurus men tend to block off people from seeing their emotions, that part of them really wants to connect with a special someone. Someone they can trust to not put their emotions out on display to the whole world. So if you know a Taurus man that has opened up to you and shown you parts of him that no one else gets to see, then consider yourself luck, and cherish that bond with him.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign: Traits, Characteristics, Compatibility and Horoscope

Love , Zodiac February 23, One note of caution, though, Taureans get comfortable quickly and would do well to rid the home of unnecessary clutter on a regular basis. The craving for material goods can lead to potential hoarding. The latter issue can accelerate quickly seeing Taurus tends to have a stubborn, change-resistant mindset. Taurus men are likely to have one of two kinds of physiques; he may be tall and slender, or a bit shorter and rounder. It is also possible that he may fluctuate back and forth between the two physiques in his lifetime.

Taurus rules over the throat, neck, shoulders, arms, and cerebral parts of the brain: Illnesses will often strike the areas in which Taurus rules. Thus, it is not at all unusual for Taurus men to experience head colds accompanied by sore throats, or issues with tonsillitis, enlarged adenoids, earaches, excessive mucus, allergies, and nasal polyps. Issues with thyroid regulation, asthma, hay fever, croup, bronchitis, and sometimes even pneumonia can strike the Taurus when health issues arise.

Taurus Man: Characteristics and Personality Traits of Taurus Men

The Taurean diet should curb the number of carbohydrates the male consumes as well as the amount of foods containing sugar and white processed flour. It is common for a Taurean to develop an intolerance for foods containing gluten as well. A Taurean male would do well to refrain from starchy, high-fat foods, and to make sure liquors if used in cooking, and meats are thoroughly heated, as the Taurus men can end up with issues related to rheumatism or gout in later years.

Poor eating habits can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies so Taureans might do well, after consulting with their physician, to add a quality vitamin supplement to their daily intake. A diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables like peas, beans, spinach, celery, and carrots, melons, bananas, grapefruits, and lemons will serve to help in building up a stronger immune system so the Taurean male can fight off illnesses and the dis-ease that follows.

If the Taurus male is overweight, back and knee issues are likely to follow. These issues can become a vicious circle, where the issues with weight cause pain in the back and knees, and the pain he experiences hinders the Taurean male from getting adequate exercise to reverse the situation.

Finally, being highly visual creatures, the Taurean male might face issues related to vision and may even be color blind. Regular visits with an eye doctor will ensure the Taurean male can continue to enjoy all the eye candy the external world has to offer! Taurus men are reliable employees when they work for someone else, and their dedication, commitment, and steadfast determination also make them some of the best entrepreneurs too. Any task the Taurean male tends to is done with the intent of delivering nothing but the best result.

Taurus man personality traits and characteristics

The Taurean works well in environments where there is teamwork necessary, but also where working independently is required. An employer can trust the Taurean male to get the job done, even if there is no supervision in place. When financially secure, bills are paid timely, and the Taurean male demonstrates an unmatched level of financial responsibility.

However, if the Taurean has out of balanced energies, he can become a spendthrift, one who focuses on personal comfort and desire only, while casting aside the notion of practicality; here, saving money becomes a process practically ignored, and difficulty with bill management can definitely occur. Taurus males make excellent financial advisers, bankers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, and agricultural workers.

The key to an outstanding career for the Taurus is to find a job where he can be passionate, but also that can provide the financial means to allow the Taurean male to live the lifestyle of comfort he craves so much! Because Taurus men are slow to change, it may take a bit of flirting to get his attention. If you want to be with a Taurus man, you might not want to wait for him to make the first move, especially if he is enjoying creature comforts, in which he can become a bit oblivious to the light chit-chat and subtle hints you leave.

Instead, you might have to approach him and ask him out but do a little prep work first by dropping a couple of really great complements, letting him know you are single, talking for a while, and seeing where it goes. Remember, Taurus man is going to take some serious courting because of his slow-paced nature.

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Make sure you are totally upfront, true and genuine because anything else is a total turn off for Taurus. Past relationships may haunt the Taurus man, depending on how traumatic they are, and this can contribute to his slow-moving attitude in new relationships. Sampling fine cuisine at different restaurants, fast food, home cooked meals … it makes no difference as he loves it all. In addition to eating, the Taurus loves listening to music, almost all genres and depending on the mood.

He might be an artist interested in drawing, painting, sculpture, or some other crafts. He excels in do-it-yourself projects and therefore might be a hobbyist. He appreciates an opportunity to expand his mind, and he likes learning. He might be an outdoorsman too, seeing he appreciates a connection with nature. Taurus men demand loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty and if you can deliver in those areas, you are on his list of pet peeves to be sure!

Enforced change is the thing Taureans hate the most; if they can avoid change, they will and at all costs. Anything threatening their comfort is also seen as a nuisance. The family is a base for the Taurus Man, and he holds his family as important beyond all else. The Taurus Man will seek out the best way to keep the family together, through the use of humor and by establishing opportunities for family members to come together and socialize. Taurus men, because of their desire for loyalty, make exceptional family members, but they make for equally exceptional friends.

Taurus men are natural diplomats. They often take on the role of peacemaker between other members of his family or between friends.

When it comes to friendships, Taurus men tend to be so loyal that many friends are maintained from childhood into adulthood. Taureans are an exceptional friend to have as they are intensely loyal and dedicated to friendship. In contrast, if a friendship should demonstrate disloyalty in any way, or if a Taurean develops distrust in a situation, the stubborn Taurus knows all too well how to hold a grudge … the more stubborn the Taurean, the greater the amount of time he holds the grudge.

If you are dealing with a spiritually evolved Taurean male, however, you might find him to have the ability to forgive transgressions instead of reacting to them. Taurus fathers are totally committed to their children and enjoy spending time with them and encouraging their creative sides.

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One word of caution, sometimes Taurean males get so wrapped up in providing for a family to ensure everyone gets the best of everything, that the Taurean can either overwork, become a workaholic, or may not devote enough time to care for himself as he should. Taurus is best compatible with another Taurean, Virgo, or Capricorn. It will seem as if the connection is supernatural or even psychic in some ways. The Taurean man will find the Capricorn a wonderful mate, and the couple can really prove to be a powerhouse if they complement each other perfectly.

Both signs value family, home, and are empowered by the enthusiastic attitude each gives to the other. Both signs are also a perfect match when it comes to socializing and introversion, whereas the two of you are quite comfortable just being alone, having a quiet meal in a quaint restaurant, provided the place has excellent food of course. Shy of this, you might even enjoy staying home instead of a night on the town, as a good dose of cuddle time tends to lift the spirits.

Virgo is another sign in which Taurean males get along with beautifully. The relationship allows for you both to create a shared plan where you can both work toward goals and achieve dreams based on a shared values system. Both signs are productive, responsible, committed, and loyal. Sometimes the Taurus male will worry about how well the relationship is going, and this is likely due to the fear of loss and heartache, two things that fly in the face of comfort and the feel-good sensations Taureans crave! Leo and Aquarius are the signs that tend to clash with the Taurus, at least in romantic situations.

Both Taurus and Leo can get lazy very quickly, and in doing so, the love life can fizzle fast. Oh, and by the way, Leo is a sign that can readily match the stubbornness of a Taurus, so some situations can end in a stalemate when neither party is willing to make a move to change attitudes or behaviors. Taurus is steady, Aquarius is sometimes erratic, Taurus is stable and relaxed, and Aquarius, like water, is ever constantly on the edge of change.

The TAURUS MALE by Joan Zodianz

Anything that makes your man comfortable is going to be a gift the Taurus loves. Slippers, cozy comforters, warm clothes for winter, and light clothes for cooler months are all ideal gifts. If your Taurus Man is a creative type, artist tools and equipment are perfect. Edibles are also something that will always appeal to the Taurean, and anything visually appealing, something he can appreciate, again and again, is a perfect gift!

The Bull has been viewed as a sacred creature by many ancient societies. Then there is the Minoans, who have artwork demonstrating bull-leaping. In Greek mythos, there are plenty of references to bulls, linking the creature to such deities like Hera, Dionysus, and creatures like the Minotaur. In ancient Rome, bulls were common sacrifices made to benefit all people in society. Taurus is associated with a number of Tarot cards, all of which can give some insight into the characteristics and typical behaviors of the Taurus Man.

Of course, the first card in the Major Arcana sharing similarities with Taurus is the Hierophant; Now, in knowing the indulgent side your Taurus Man and how much he appreciates all the grander things life can offer, you may wonder how The Hierophant, a card representing sacred concepts and holy things, corresponds with Taurus. The connection almost seems against our sensibilities at first, with Taurus being an indulgent creature. Nevertheless, Tauruses are not only about the creature comforts in life, but they are also intensely loyal, practical, and sensible.