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Discounts and Special Offers. Reviews 0. Latest review first Latest review first Most helpful reviews first. Filter by rating 1 2 3 4 5. With photo and video. State: California. National Capital Territory Of Delhi. New Jersey. City: Atlanta. Greenwood Village. San Diego. Bethea Jenner Astrologer Customer Care. Sep 08, bcavallero. Bethea Jenner Astrologer - She states, "because I want you to succeed, I am offering you my precious help! Rating Details Discounts and Special Offers.

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Product or Service Quality. I received an email from Bethea which stated, "I have completed your personal prediction for September 10 - September 16". I don't usually read horoscopes or forecasts, but, I thought, what the heck, let me see what she has to say. In fact, I don't even know why I got Comment 0 0.

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Anonymous Anonymous Aug 24 She is without any merit , nor gifted in anyway. Reply 2 0. View more comments. Cons Marketing practices. Reason of review Poor and unethical Marketing Practices - Fear should not be the reason for a purchase. Preferred solution Let the company propose a solution.

Share Share Tweet. Bethea Jenner Astrologer - Unsolicited Infomation. Rating Details Additional Fees. Customer service. Cons Deceit. Reason of review there is no Ethics, this is pure greed. Preferred solution Never to contact me again. Oct 04 PissedConsumer I just received a money catcher from her she told me it would bring me a great amount of money very soon.

So I tryed it if anything comes out of it I will let y'all no. She said I had 30 days to return it if I found it didn't work for me. View full review.

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Sep 30 BurlyPika I sent her an email explaining that the order number was not locatable and was told it would be delivered soon. It has not been received. Terry T Jason Send email. I have dealt with her in the past. ALL were shipped to me with 3 weeks. User Send email. Online scam I subscribed to this service, thinking that they could offer me some information, but after I ordered this 'Horn of Plenty' pendant, and never received it, I began to wonder if this was really something of worth. They are nothing more than cruel opportunities, who think that they can use some sort of secret power they pretend to have to take hard working peoples money.

Online scam ok I recently ordered a pendant from Bethea, after reading these posts I am somewhat concern. I will say this, how we feel inside and the energy we exude is our karma, so if your already a negative person looking to feed off of someone elses energy, then your only fooling yourself. Regardless if Bethea is real or not, its really your faith that can make anything happen. Mary Grace Wolfe Send email.

Terrible experience! They charged my debit card Someone hacked maybe the information of my card.

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I gave them proof that I didn't purchase anything from their site and requested for reversal;. All my emails just went back and I didn't get my money back Theyre scammers. It s beautiful and very unique, my friends like it too, I got lots of compliments on that. I carry it with me everywhere even I am out of country.

Things have been improved and better, I feel that my mind has been more clearly and I am happier than before. I hope the business will be better, I have been talking to few clients on purchasing the properties, they are all ready, just holding back for some reasons I don t know why, hopefully, they will make the offers on the houses they like before others take it.

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Please don't be fooled by untruths I am deeply disturbed that there should be people who have been paid to write such mean things about me, and I'm equally shocked that my personal details have been put on the Internet. All I want to do is to help people. It's obvious that my readings are not for everyone, but they have helped many, many people. I would like to address bitterness that people here have shown in these posts: please contact my customer service if you have any difficulties For the record, I have many, many satisfied customers.

And those who are not satisfied by my service or products can get their money refunded. All you have to do is call my customer service I've recorded a message, after which you can leave me a message with your details. MZ Send email. I have had to also get a refund and an exchange and had no issues. I do admit it took about 3 weeks for a replacement item to come in, but for the most part, the items she speaks of is in no way negative or hurtful.

People need to grow brains and quit acting as if they cant read or comprehend simple English facts she puts into all order indexes, not to mention, she clearly states all pertinent information once you order an item. Ugh, frustrating people! I gotcha back Bethea! I no longer have to foreclose on my home or lose my car to Mr. Repo man Previous 1 2 Next.

I am asking for help from PCH. Please help me stop to many redirects it is causing me to I was NetSpend - Dispute Oakland california - my shipment has not been shipped Yes very rude I sent letter telling her. I'm expected Oakland california - my order I'm begging them to send it paid on the 30th I've text the employee several time I told her I agree.

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United States. Consumer complaints and reviews about Bethea Jenner. Feb 25, Aug 20, May 3, Mar 23, Dec 24, Dec 19, Oct 10, Jan 24, You are helping a lot more than you think in your writtings too me. I thank you for that. I just had a dream that has such a impression on my consiciuos mind.

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I knew what kind of key it was too unlock this small lock. I haven t yet put the small key in the lock too open it up,but i am aware i have the key too open up this last small lock i need too do. I know in my hearts of heart i will do that when the time is right for me too do so. I take this too mean that i still have a small part of myself i need too open up.

I am working very hard of opening up what i have lock away since child hood. I wanted too share that with you. I just don t have the money too buy anything at this point. Maybe some day that will change.